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Road Trip Comfort

September 28, 2013
Road Trip Comfort
Roadtrip Comfort
How awesome are road trips! Don’t get too jealous now, but we’re about to head off on a fun-filled 12 hour road trip up to Coral Bay for 9 days. Super exciting!

However, 12 hours is a long time to spend in a car. And when you’re leaving at 3am, and it’s cold and dark, you want something warm and comfortable to wear. So I’m thinking leggings and an over-sized tee. The leggings are great because they’re comfortable, not too hot, but not too cold and, in this case, they’re a fun, quirky addition to the outfit.

When we arrive, we’re going to want to go exploring straight away. It’s going to be nice and hot, so I want to be able to quickly throw on some shorts and go! I love this over-sized tee, because it’s basic, but not too basic where you feel you need to over-do it with accessories. It’s very versatile between the two outfits too and compliments each one in its own unique way.

Needless to say, I’m really excited. Hope you have a fun few days whatever it is you’re doing :) Love Megs xo

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