This Travel Tip will save you hundreds of wasted hours in your lifetime

So the majority of you who have travelled will know the joys of filling in arrival and departure documents. You have to awkwardly pull your passports out, find the right page, get all the right information, still holding the passport open, to fill in the forms – mega annoying!



I actually owe this post to my wonderful husband. He got sick of doing this, and so using our trusty dymo printer, made labels and stuck them on the exterior of the passport.

That way, there is no fluffing about trying to find what you need, it’s all right there on the back for you to see!

We put the following information on our passports

1. Name (not that we don’t know this, but having the name on the exterior of the passports helps to quickly identify who’s is who’s).
2. Expiry date
3. Passport number


Seriously, you have to try this, it has made our life SOOOOOO much easier!! Thanks hubby! Love Megs xo



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