Beer Shandy

Beer Shandy’s are super refreshing on warm spring/summer days. They’re also really easy to make and are the perfect solution when you need to share a beer. (Makes 2) All you need is: 1 beer (my beer of choice was Corona) 1 lemonade (or Sprite) Lemon for garnishing (optional) The method is pretty simple. Just […]

Fizzy Rooibos Tea

Iced tea is so refreshing and I always, ALWAYS used to buy it ready made from the store. Until I looked at the label the one day and saw how much sugar they put in that stuff! Crazy. So I looked up on how to make it yourself and turns out, it’s a lot more […]

Mint Lemonade Slushie

There is a restaurant called The Witch’s CauldronĀ and whenever you go in for breakfast, they give you a free green juice/slushie thing. We’ve always tried to figure out what it is, we can definitely taste lemon, and mint. So I thought I’d try re-create it at home. Because, it’s seriously AMAZING. Doing some research I […]