Red Wine Spritzer

Ummmmm so this was the easiest drink ever to make. Took me, what, 60 seconds tops maybe? And so delicious. It was sweet, robust, fruity and refreshing. Definitely give this Spritzer a go. Ingredients Red Wine (I used a Cabernet Merlot) Sprite Strawberries to garnish (or pop in the drink for an even fruiter twist) […]

Spring in your step

  So it’s still a bit chilly, but the sun is coming up sooner, taking longer to set in the evenings. Spring is in the air. This outfit celebrates the freshness that spring brings. The pops of colour that are starting to emerge in the scenery. The birds that are singing in the morning, the […]

Playground Happy Snaps

I’m really interested in taking photographs of people, so thought I’d take my adorable little nephew down to the park and see what pics I could get of him. This is still very much a learning process for me. But hey, it’s a journey for all of us right! Lighting was super awkward, so I […]