Watermelon Christmas Trees

Who says that the Silly Season is all about unhealthy (albeit delicious) food! This festive treat doesn’t take long at all, is refreshing and healthy! Plus the shape of the Christmas Trees actually makes the watermelon really easy (and fun) to eat! So indulge in this sweet treat – guilt free! What you’ll need: Watermelon […]

DIY Wreath Wrapping Paper

This is truly an improvised DIY Wrapping tutorial. Ideally, you would want to be using fern and green wire to secure, but all I could find was Rosemary and Sticky Tape. That shouldn’t stop one from letting their creativity flow. So with that being said – on with the tutorial! What you’ll need A Christmas […]

Wrapping Paper Holder

Tis the season to be wrapping!! But how annoying is it when you have multiple wrapping paper rolls with loose pieces of paper hanging of the end. You’ve tried sticky tape to hold the paper down, but the next time you go to use the paper, the sticky tape rips it. Not the biggest problem […]