We made it to Stockholm!

Hey Peeps! We drove from Scotland to Stockholm (basically drove all day); but we did find this cool park to have some lunch at, it was also beautiful and green – and yay for Sandwiches! When we got to Stockholm, we parked the car and made our way to the Vasa Museum. It’s basically this […]

Scottish Highlands

You guys!!!!! The Scottish highlands is sooooo incredibly beautiful. It’s so green, and there are so many beautiful flowers. We literally woke up at 6am, and then drove all around Scotland (like 8 hours worth of driving!) There were also so many beautiful lakes, lochs (no, we didn’t see the lock ness monster!) we saw […]

A day in Oxford

We had a wonderful day in Oxford, just walking around and exploring the streets. We hit up most of the main landmarks like Oxford University, The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Natural History, we even went to a beer garden. BUT my personal highlight, was getting to see some of the awesome Harry Potter locations. […]