Beer Shandy

Beer Shandy’s are super refreshing on warm spring/summer days. They’re also really easy to make and are the perfect solution when you need to share a beer. (Makes 2) All you need is: 1 beer (my beer of choice was Corona) 1 lemonade (or Sprite) Lemon for garnishing (optional) The method is pretty simple. Just […]

Fizzy Rooibos Tea

Iced tea is so refreshing and I always, ALWAYS used to buy it ready made from the store. Until I looked at the label the one day and saw how much sugar they put in that stuff! Crazy. So I looked up on how to make it yourself and turns out, it’s a lot more […]

Mint Lemonade Slushie

There is a restaurant called The Witch’s CauldronĀ and whenever you go in for breakfast, they give you a free green juice/slushie thing. We’ve always tried to figure out what it is, we can definitely taste lemon, and mint. So I thought I’d try re-create it at home. Because, it’s seriously AMAZING. Doing some research I […]

Red Wine Spritzer

Ummmmm so this was the easiest drink ever to make. Took me, what, 60 seconds tops maybe? And so delicious. It was sweet, robust, fruity and refreshing. Definitely give this Spritzer a go. Ingredients Red Wine (I used a Cabernet Merlot) Sprite Strawberries to garnish (or pop in the drink for an even fruiter twist) […]