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Roll Your Towel Like a Pro

September 9, 2013

How awesome is that feeling when you’re on holiday and you’ve been out in the sun all day, you come home to a freshly cleaned room, walk into the bathroom and grab one of those beautifully rolled towels off the shelf and hop into a nice relaxing shower. Why can’t we have these luxuries at home. It’s very simple. 6 steps in fact.

Why fold your towels when you can take a few seconds longer and roll them. You will feel like you’re on holiday everyday, and when you have guests over, you’ll make them feel like they’ve taken a little mini vacation


STEP 1. Fold the towel in half so that it makes a square

STEP 2. Fold one of the corners into the centre of the square

STEP 3. Fold the mirroring corner so that it meets the first corner in the centre of the square

STEP 4. Flip the towel onto its belly so that the two folded corners are face down

STEP 5. start rolling from one end to the other, tightly.

STEP 6. Well, actually, that’s it. Once you’ve rolled the towel, you are finished. Wasn’t that easy?



Place the towels on a shelf, in a basket or even your laundry cupboard. And enjoy your mini-getaway.

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