Happy Birthday Goodie Jar - Megzie

Okay, time to be honest. I’m a real sucker when it comes to giving gifts. I can’t just give one present and leave it at that. So, yesterday was my dear friend Liron’s birthday. Earlier this week she told me that two of her favourite treats were “clinkers and marshmallows”. So I thought I’d put together a little jar as part of her gift this year.

I’m always on the lookout for thoughtful, cute little extra gifts to add to the main gift and when I saw the mason jar I just knew this would be the perfect extra something.


All you need for this simple DIY is:

Birthday Washi Tape 
A Mason Jar
and whatever it is that you feel like putting in the jar as your gift

Step 1: Fill the jar with your goodes, in my case, Clinkers & Marshmallows and secure the lid nice and tight

Step 2: Measure the birthday washi tape so that you’ll have just enough to go around the centre of the jar. Cut it and stick it in place.



And that’s it. I ended up using some twine and tying it just below the lid for an extra special touch. She loved it! These would make great “get well soon” or “congratulations” gifts too!

Love Megs xo



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