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Beer Shandy

October 10, 2013


Beer Shandy’s are super refreshing on warm spring/summer days. They’re also really easy to make and are the perfect solution when you need to share a beer.

(Makes 2) All you need is:


1 beer (my beer of choice was Corona)
1 lemonade (or Sprite)
Lemon for garnishing (optional)

The method is pretty simple. Just pour the beer into your glass until it reaches about halfway, then top up with the lemonade. Of course, you can adjust this depending on how strong or sweet you prefer your shandy.



If you’d like to, squeeze a bit of lemon in, and garnish the glass, then sit back, relax and sip on your delicious beer shandy!

Garnished-Lemon Final

ahhh! refreshing :) Love Megs xo

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