A fancy valentines gift that will last, and it costs less than $10 - Megzie


Has anyone else noticed that you can’t buy bubble bath for adults at your local grocery store? You have to go somewhere fancy and then it ends up costing you a lot more than you would like.

Well, now you can give the gift of bubbles for less than $10 – perfect if you’re on a budget. All you need is a nice jar/vintage bottle (any thrift store or swap meet will have something like this for about $5) and some bubble bath.


This post is very self explanatory. All you need to do is pour the bubble bath into the jar. Obviously, make sure you clean the jar thoroughly first. You may need a funnel, but I found that the sqeezy bottle of bubble bath I bought was pretty easy to pour into the jar.


If you really want to make this gift something special, why not pair it with some nice candles; maybe even a bottle of wine and you’ve got a romantic / thoughtful gift for that special someone! Love Megs xo