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Snow, waterfalls and geysers galore

June 11, 2017

“Oh my God!” “Seriously?!” “Wow” “FAR OUT” “This is insane” “LOOK AT THIS” <– Just a tiny snippet of some of the phrases that came out of my mouth on day 2 in Iceland. This place is so vast, and every turn there is something new and unique to see. We even saw heaps of snow, which for someone who lives in Perth, where there is no such thing as snow, WAS SO EXCITING. My camera got a really good workout, and I’m sorry (not sorry) for the long picture post below.


It is still FLIPPING cold!! The car is nice and toasty warm. but boy, when you get out of it to take some snaps or walk around, it is mighty chilly! So, so worth it though. That being said, I still can’t bear the thought of how cold and dark Iceland would be in winter!

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