Gothenburg (a Swedish city!) - Megzie

This blog post technically starts two years ago…. we were travelling around America, and in our last few days we did a cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti. On this cruise, we met A LOT of cool people (including the ones who showed us around London) Our time in Sweden, was spent with another couple who we met on said cruise. We had an awesome (exhausting) but awesome day!

We arrived, and then we settled in their apartment. Then we went walking and boy oh boy did we walk. They literally took us all around the city. We went to a super cute market, and there were the most DIVINE looking baked goods – I managed to resist the temptation. Then we went to quite possibly the most adorable cafe I’ve ever been in, like EVER. It was covered from head to toe in floral wallpaper, and had butterfly pictures hung on the wall. All the charis and tables were different, and THE FOOD was to die for. Gothenburg is known for it’s seafood, so I struggled a bit, I did find a chicken sandwich though – phew! We went to the seafood market and to this square that was literally just a giant garden. There were succulents and flowers AND A WHOLE BUILDING dedicated to palm trees. It was soooooo different.

After the gardens, we walked to a famous statue of King Neptune and then treated ourselves to a yummy ice cream, so glad we had local friends who could translate all the flavours – although, can you really go wrong with ice cream?!

Oh and I almost forgot, they have a city zoo – and it is 100% FREE to go there. It’s just open to the public and you can walk around and see all the animals. I thought this was great, it’s such a family friendly city. We basically just went there so I could see the Moose! haha! After our walk around the zoo we picked up some Nepalese food and took it up to the apartment to eat dinner (yep, after all that walking it was now dinner time!) I literally was soo tired by 9pm!

I’m so glad we stayed with our friends because I really feel like we got the grand tour of their city –  and it’s so nice to see where and how other people live around the world. That’s been one of my favourite things so far – is just experiencing all the different cultures and lifestyles of the people around Europe!