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The coolest hostel!

July 2, 2017

Hey everyone!

Okay, so we’ve mainly been staying at airbnb’s, but in Amsterdam, we booked this hostel. And I thought it was sooo flipping cool, that it deserved it’s own blog post (not sponsored, I promise).

Has anyone seen the film Passengers? With Chris Pratt and J-Law, if you haven’t, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR. Anyway, this hostel (called City Hub) reminded me of the movie sooo much. Literally felt like we were in a spaceship in the future.

Basically, you check in digitally, and you get a wristband which is your key to everything, you can get into your hub, you can buy food, drinks etc (just like in Passengers!)

The hubs are all in a quiet corridor and they’re all bright white. They’re L shaped, and it’s kind of like Tetris, with one on top of the other. We got a room with our bed on top.

Once you’re in the room, you can download an app that syncs to the hub. From there you can literally change the colours¬†of the lights to any colour you like. The hubs also have bluetooth and speakers built in, so you can play your own music. And on each side of the generously sized bed, you have a USB port so you can charge your phone.

Don’t expect everything though, it’s shared bathroom facilities, and the hubs are TINNNYYY. But hey, at least they aren’t dirty and dingy and gross! I loved it! And the beds were SUPER comfy! I highly recommend this place!


The lobby area was cool too – there was a self service bar, and heaps of food and coffee and tea and what not. Also cool things like lounges, ping pong tables and general chill areas. The one downside was that there was no communal fridge – boo!

Apart from that, we loved this place :)

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