Oui Oui Paris! - Megzie

Paris is one of those places that you always dream about visiting, and then when you’re actually there you can’t stop pinching yourself! I’ve wanted to come to Paris since I was a teenager, it’s just one of those romantic places that seems perfect. Well, Paris, thanks for letting us down…..

Yes, you were very romantic, and yes, your food was TO DIE FOR, but you knew, you knew, that we only had a mere few hours in your grace, and all you did was POUR DOWN WITH RAIN.

Oh well – we still made the most of what we could despite the bad weather conditions! Here’s what we got up to:

Pretty sure you’d have to be crazy to come all the way to Paris and then NOT go to the tower. It was just as awesome as I’d imagined it. From far away it didn’t look as big as I thought it would, but once we got to the base, you could really see just how grand it was. There were a lot of tourists there though – even though it was raining. OH and there were also heaps of people trying to sell you stuff, talk about commercialised much. We didn’t go up the tower this time…

After we visited the tower, we got back in our car and drove around the city, at this point, the rain was coming down pretty hard! This is me enjoying Paris from the comfort of our car…….


LOLLLLLL this was super crazy to visit especially because we were driving. It’s, like, a 5 (maybe 6, who knows) lane roundabout – WITH NO LINE. Hooooley Dooooley, talk about scary driving, it actually made me excited to see what Rome driving will be like! We drove around the roundabout in a car, although, look at the rain drops on our windscreen. Our car has a sunroof, so I opened it (yeaupp, we got a bit wet) and literally shot some pics out of there) Soz for the dodgy angles. Once we eventually got off the roundabout, we decided to park so we could get some better snaps. Whilst snapping away, we smelt the most diving CREPES. WHEN IN FRANCE, hahah my excuse for all my bad eating habits this trip. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty amazingly delicious. And so nice and warm on this cold Paris rainy day!


Next up, the famous Louvre, it was at this point that we decided to stop being stingy bums and buy an umbrella. More so to keep the camera dry than us might I add! We didn’t go into the Louvre either, we’ve heard that it’s super busy and because we didn’t have all the time in the world, we decided to save this one for the “next time we’re back here” times.

Oh, and now that we’d bought the umbrella, we were much more keen to go walking! We walked up one of the canals, and then through that tunnel behind me to the left in the below left picture (it was SOOOO STINKY) Definitely would not recommend that one.


(Yep, I googled that to be triple sure that it wasn’t the same “Arc de Triomphe” as above!). This one was much less hectic and you could very easily walk to it and through it. There was also a funny incident with the Popo and the people selling the weird small Eiffel Towers, they were literally chased down on bikes, and some even hid in the bushes!

After we visited the Arc, we got back in our car and drove to our airbnb. Once we arrived there we wondered down the streets to a cute little cafe for some dinner. They did an awesome 3 course meal for a reasonable price. And oh my word, the food was TO DIE FOR. I was literally in food heaven.

After din dins, we walked around the streets again and found this super cute bakery – how good do all these treats look! Ahhh! I was so full from the three course meal (including CREME BRULE) that we had to say no. I think the highlight for Paris for me, was literally seeing everyone walking around with Baguettes. Like, literally everyone!!!