I should actually say bags (plural) haha! Hubs had been nagging me since about 30 weeks to pack my hospital bag. I thought I’d wait until I went on maternity leave (5 weeks out) to start instead. But then when I sat down to make a list of what to pack, I felt extremely overwhelmed and had NO FLIPPING IDEA. My beautiful friend, and also mummy blogger, Britt (All Wifed Up) wrote an AWESOME post which I used as the foundation for packing my bag. You can read her post here.


[1] Toiletries – The way I’m thinking about it, is as though I was going on holiday (except, maybe not as luxurious or comfortable – ha!) I packed:

  • toothpaste + toothbrush
  • shampoo + conditioner
  • body wash
  • deodorant
  • moisturiser (I’ve heard hospitals can be pretty dry)
  • paw paw cream (like lip balm)
  • hair brush
  • hair dryer
  • hair ties
  • dry shampoo
  • makeup + makeup wipes
  • maternity pads
  • nursing pads (if breastfeeding)
  • nipple cream (if breastfeeding)

[2] Shower Towel + Flip Flops  – a lot of people have mentioned to me that the shower towels at the hospital are teeeny tiny and also scratchy. So I’ve packed my nice big fluffy towel with me. I’m thinking anything to make you feel more at home and comfortable is a good idea! I’ve also packed Flip Flops because I’m a bit of a germaphobe, and if the floor looks gross, then I’d like to have the flip flop option

[3] Clothes – This is a hard one, because I have no idea how long I’m going to be in hospital. I decided to keep it light, because hubs can always bring me clean clothes from home if I need that option

  • comfy leggings
  • 2 x basic tees
  • going home outfit
  • socks (in case the room is cold)
  • pajamas (breastfeeding friendly if you like)
  • breastfeeding singlets
  • slippers
  • large, comfy granny undies – I’ve heard you’re not going to want to keep your undies in the weeks that follow birth. So I bought a pack of big, comfy ones that I didn’t mind throwing away afterwards
  • shoes (I just packed some easy slip on flats)


This is probably what I struggled with the most. You see, I was a TINY baby, but hubs was a HUGE baby. So my logic and thinking is that we’d have a bubs somewhere in the middle right? Well at our last growth scan, baby was measuring on the large side. So that really threw me off. I spent ages researching, and decided to pack the below.

[1] Muslin Wraps + Blankets – I just packed three wraps and one blanket. My logic here, is that if we need more, dear old hubs will be sent home to grab them.

[2] Clothes – I wasn’t sure what sizes of clothes to bring, and how many of each, and what types. It’s so overwhelming. I did loads of research and I ended up packing the below. I also put all the different sizes / styles in different ziplock bags. That way we don’t have scratch and dig through a suitcase to find what we’re looking for.


  • 3 x  singlets
  • 1 x  leggings
  • 1 x  short sleeved onesie
  • 2 x  sleep onesie

BABY (SIZE 000) 

  • 3 x  long sleeved onesies
  • 1 x short sleeved onesie
  • 1 x leggings
  • 2 x singlets


  • 2 x beanies
  • 2 x mittens
  • 3 x socks
  • 2 x bibs

[3] Frozen Colostrum – Sorry if this is TMI, but my good friend, who is a midwife, encouraged me to start expressing some colostrum a few weeks before due date. The reason for this, is it can really help with your flow if you intend on breastfeeding. I expressed a little bit into a small cup, and then used a syringe to suck it up, and store it in the freezer. The reason I’m planning on bringing it to the hospital, is in the event that baby may need extra care, rather than him being feed the formula at the hospital, I’ll have some of my own colostrum that the nurses can give him. NOTE: Please consult with your GP or midwife if you intend on doing this. I checked with both of mine before I started and they both gave me the green-light.

[4] Nappies – Some hospitals provide these for you, I don’t believe that ours do. Therefore, I’ve packed about 20 newborn nappies to bring with me. I just popped them in a giant IKEA ziplock bag. We live super close to the hospital, so again, if we need more than this, trusty old hubs can do a nappy run!

[5] Baby Wipes – I just threw a pack of wipes in my bag as well.

[6] Travel sized toiletries – I’m pretty sure our hospital supplies things like baby wash, oil and shampoo; however, if you want to use a specific brand I’d suggest packing these and bringing it along to use come bath time.

[7] Dummy – If you’re planning on using one; make sure you wash and sterilise it beforehand

[8] Bottle Feeding Supplies – at my hospital, if you are planning on breastfeeding, you do not need to bring any formula/bottles with you. However if you are planning on going down the formula route, you will need to bring your own. That being said; I have washed and sterilised my own bottle, just in case.


[1] Plastic bag – I packed a few plastic bags so I could pop all the dirty laundry in them (makes things easier for when we get home)

[2] Eye Mask – I’m pretty sensitive to light, I always travel with an eye mask and it helps me sleep if there is any light (from open doors or night lamps) since we’re not private, I’ll likely be sharing a room with someone else.

[3] Electronics – I haven’t packed these just yet, but I’ve got my electronics list ready to go in the event of labour. I’ll be packing things like:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone wall charger
  • Portable charger (in case the plug is a million miles away from the bed)
  • iPad + headphones (just incase…)
  • Bluetooth speakers – I’ve heard that you can bring your own speakers to the Birth Suite to play music that you’d like to when you’re giving birth. We’ve got a little playlist of songs that we both love, so I’m planning on using my Bose speaker once we’re in the birthing suite.
  • Camera + charger – duh!

[4] Baby Book + Milestone Cards – I’ve got a baby book and I’m planning on jotting down some things if there is any down time. I’d really like to write down and capture exactly how I’m feeling in those first few days, because it’s going to be such a life changing time. I’ve obviously also packed a few pens so that I can fill out these things.

[5] Birth Plan – I have written down a birth plan, so I’ll definitely be bringing that with me

[6] Wallet + Paperwork –  I’m pretty sure you’ll need things like your ID, health care card and any hospital paperwork / insurance paperwork (if you’re private). I also think some cash and/or credit card for things like the vending machine (or sending hubby out to get takeaway food instead of hospital food) will also come in handy!

[7] Aromatherapy Diffuser / Candle – I’ve been told that you can bring something like this with you for when you are in labour. I don’t have a diffuser, but I have something similar which I’m planning on bringing with me. I really like the idea of the room smelling like coconut & lime instead of a hospital room. Research also says that the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better! If I had an Aromatherapy Diffuser I’d definitely bring that, because I’ve read of all the amazing goodness that is essential oils and the benefits that they have. But for now I’ll settle with fragrance haha!

[8] Snacks – I’ve heard from several people that my hospital won’t allow you to eat once you are in labour, and that afterwards you are absolutely famished!! I have probably gone way overboard with the snacks, but I tried to pack a good combination of sweet/salty because I don’t know what I’ll be feeling like. I’ve also packed some mints and gum, for both myself, and anyone who visits who may like some

[9] Esky – My experience with pregnancy is that I have been HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!! I am planning on bringing a small esky with a few goodies such as:

  • ICED cold water to drink during labour
  • ice cubs to munch on during in labour
  • powerade – gotta keep those electrolytes up (if the midwife will let me)
  • a few cold face towels (I’ve been keeping them in the freezer so they’ll be extra cool) just to wipe down my face, and body during labour
  • Pepsi Max – for the hubby
  • Frozen Colostrum – mentioned above, we’ll be bringing it in the esky to keep it frozen.

I think that is about as prepared as I can be. I’ll happily edit this post after the baby arrives to add anything that we didn’t bring and found that it was needed! It’s so overwhelming trying to pack for an experience that you’ve never gone through in your life. And I think everyones needs will be different. Hope this helps you if you’re trying to pack your bag!

Click here to download a free printable hospital bag checklist