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This is a question that I get asked  A LOT on Instagram, so I thought I’d write up a little blog post about the camera that I use, and why I chose this particular camera.

You can watch my vid, or read below: the choice is yours :)

Okay, so to try to keep a long story short, when I first started out on Insta, I was just using my phone to snap pics, edit them and then post them then and there. Then, one day, I decided that I’d like to “up my Insta game” so to speak. So I started using my hella professional camera (I’m a wedding photographer on the side guys, so I have an AMAZE SLR – 5DS for anyone intersted). BUT I started to run into some speedbumps and discovered that some things that I wanted to achieve with my super fancy camera, were just not possible.


[1] I wanted to be able to set my camera up on a tripod and snap a pic of myself.

Technically, this is possible with the 5DS, BUT, you need a remote (which I have) but YOU CAN’T BLOODY SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. And more often than not, my photos were out of focus. VERY FRUSTRATING GUYS.

[2] I wanted something that was lightweight and easy to travel with

I was even more frustrated, because my camera, as nice as it is, IS FREAKING HEAVY. So to casually bring it to brunch, is an effort and a half. Also, I shoot weddings with this camera, GOD FORBID anything happen to it. It was starting to freak me out.

[3] I wanted to be able to record high quality videos

So yes, I’ve been toying around with the idea of a YouTube channel, and I wanted a camera that I could easily see what I was doing. My 5DS is great, but I would be filming blind, unless I connected it to my laptop etc… TOO HARD!

[4] I wanted to be able to send the pics to my phone ASAP

I know right, this instant society that we live in. It’s crazy. But I’d often find that I’d take pics on the nice camera, and then it’d be too hard to download them all, import them to Lightroom, edit them all, save them all, export them, and then send them to  my phone. I wanted to have a camera, that, like my phone, could take a pic, send it to my phone, and allow me to upload within minutes.

So…..DRUM ROLL……the camera I settled on is……

The Canon M6.

It checked all my boxes (and more!)

Firstly, it’s compact and lightweight. Which means I can bring it with me EVERYWHERE. It fits nicely into my nappy bag, or just into my Pram bag thingy and this makes me so happy because it means bringing a camera with me anywhere is now super easy.

Next up, it has a screen that can flip up, so taking a selfie is as easy as doing it on your iphone. I love it!  It is a bit strange not having a viewfinder anymore, but again, it’s basically like an iPhone now in that you can literally see everything that’s going to be in frame.

And my ABSOLUTE favourite part, is that it can connect to my iPhone and I can use my phone as a remote. This is great for a couple of reasons:

  1. I no longer require my hubby to help me take awesome insta photos! I can simply set up a tripod, connect my phone and see exactly how the pic will look, frame it correctly, use the timer, and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM I’ve got the perfect photo
  2. I can make sure everything is in focus
  3. I can check to make sure all the settings are correct
  4. I can then send the picture straight to my phone, edit it there and then, and upload it straight away

It’s honestly made my life SO MUCH EASIER!! I can get amazing photos of me with Jasper without anyone else helping. I’m usually never in pictures, because I’m always ALWAYS the one behind the camera. So finally I get to prove that I was there too!

I also really love that you can change the lenses on the camera. In my opinion, a camera is only as good as it’s lens. So I feel like I have to put this point in here. We got the 22mm Prime lens and I use this as well as the 15-45mm kit lens that the camera came with. The Kit lens is good, but the 22mm is AMAZING. It’s got a low aperture (amazing in low-light!) and it’s so good for creating depth of field (blurry background) photos.  I mainly use this lens for all of my instagram photos. That being said, the 15-45mm is my go-to selfie lens (because it’s wide angle, you can fit more people in!)

There are a bunch of other reasons that I love this camera, but they’re a bit more technical. Things like being able to shoot in RAW, as well as in Manual mode. This means you have much more control over the settings and can adjust the camera settings in a low-light environment. I love this so much, because I hate using the flash at all costs (hey, I’m a wedding photographer, natural light is like, my thing!)

Aaaanway, I have rambled on enough. If you have any questions about this camera, or my Instagram process, feel free to leave a comment or send me a DM on the old gram. I’m always happy to chat about these sorts of things!!

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