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Weekly Vlog | Mothers group, park walks and a lunch date with sis

October 6, 2018

okay guyssssss! Here it is, my first ever vlog (hides awkwardly behind hands!!) There is a part of me that is so excited about this, and then there is another part of me that is SO NERVOUS! It can be so embarrassing filming and talking to a camera.

If you’re so embarrassed, why’d you start?

Good question! My main, number one reason, is I am already filming so much footage of me and little J, and I thought it would be a fun new creative outlet to actually edit it into a movie style video. BUT I mainly wanted to start vlogging so that I’d have something tangible that I could come back to if I ever wanted to relive a moment. I can imagine in a few years time that I will treasure these videos that I’ve made because they’ll take me right back to now. Time is going so fast, and I really want to capture how I’m feeling, what we’re doing and all of little J’s quirks. I think that video captures this way better than a photo.

How often will you vlog?

My goal is to try and upload a video once a week. But if I’m being honest, my life is not THAT interesting, so I’m not putting pressure on myself to commit to it every week! I also have a lot of projects and other stuff that I’m working on at the moment so finding time to edit at the moment may be tricky, BUT I WILL TRY! haha

Can I subscribe?

YES, you absolutely can, thank you! Click the red button below and you’re good to go (make sure you’re signed into YouTube first)