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A sunny day in Luxembourg

July 3, 2017

Luxembourg was an unexpected delight! It honestly seems like it’s one of the worlds best kept secrets. We found parking (quite easily) and then did our usual thing of wondering around the streets with a camera. They had these super cute “ask me” tour guide people and they recommended that we walk along the city wall. It was soooo much hotter than we both thought it would be! We were dying by the end of the day – finally starting to feel like this “European summer” that everyone was talking about.

Before we bumped into the helpful guides, we walked around the town square, went to see the Adolphe Bridge which was pretty cool – there were some very well kept gardens there! Then we walked over to the Grand Dukes Palace, the town square and the Notre-Dame cathedral.

The walk along the wall took us to Fort Thungen. The views!!!! Oh my gosh, we could see the whole town, and the winding roads, it was really something special. I think the thing that we liked the most about Luxembourg, was that it wasn’t overly crowded! We would wonder into a street and literally be the only people there. I’d love to go back there and stay a couple of days to get more of the Luxembourg experience (eat the food, drink the wine, shop the shops)! Highly recommend this place to anyone passing through.

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