Baby Shower - Megzie

I am so excited to share with you some snaps from my baby shower last Saturday. It was honestly such a fun day and I felt beyond loved and spoiled. My mum organised the majority of it and my beautiful sister-in-law helped out with a lot of the food and decor!

We were on a bit of a budget, so a lot of what we did was DIY. I designed the invitations, stationary and made the favours – a vanilla coconut shower sugar scrub. I also put together a couple of bunches of native flowers; I LOVE how they looked next to my clock. This made the perfect photo backdrop!

The Food + Drinks

My sister in law put together an amazing grazing board, full of fresh veggies, meats and cheeses. My mum also made some sausage rolls and spring rolls (cus being pregnant you can’t eat all that much off those grazing boards, no matter how yummy they look!).

We also had a desserts table, with a donut wall, an incredible cake (made my my MILs work colleague – talent right??) Some white Tim Tams and Macarons (also, made by the colleague!)

For drinks we had champagne and I made a non-alcoholic punch with lemon & lime cordial and lemonade – bonus points, it “LOOKED” like champagne – haha! We topped it with some fairy floss. So yummy. My mum filled a baby bath with ice and popped some other drinks in there, like coronas, orange juice and soft drink.

The Games

We played some really fun games

Blindfolded Nappy Change: yup, it’s as simple as that, we had a doll, and a few volunteers who had to change the babies nappy blindfolded; it was hilarious. We timed each person, and the winner was the person who changed the nappy the quickest.

A to Z of boy names: This was probably my favourite, we had a piece of paper with the letters A-Z written on it. And then once the timer started, guests had to write down, as quickly as possible, a list of boys names A through Z eg Andrew, Brandon, Cameron, Daniel… you get the point. Letters Y and U were surprisingly hard!

Who knows mummy best: this was a quiz like game, where guests had to answer a couple of questions about me and whoever got the most answers correct won.

The price is right: We listed a bunch of baby related items such as nappies, baby wipes, baby food etc, and guests had to write down a guess of how much each item cost, then they added up their total. Whoever got the closes to the actual total price won the game.

Baby Predictions: this was more just for fun rather than anyone winning anything. But we got guests to write down their guesses for things such as the actual birth date, baby name, weight, time etc. it’s fun to have these things written down officially and I can’t wait to look back at all the answers once the baby arrives!

Guess mummy’s tummy size: we sent around a roll of ribbon and guests had to cut a piece guessing the circumference of my tummy. It’s always fun to see how much bigger/smaller they think you actually are!

My dress was one I ordered from; it was only $24 (on sale) and I was soooo impressed with the quality and comfort of it!

Overall, I had such a fun day, it was really relaxed, and baby Cronje was SUPER SPOILED! I can’t wait for him to arrive so we can start using it all!

Also, a massive thank you to my friend Merlina for taking these gorgeous snaps!! She captured the day perfectly and I could NOT be happier!