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I have been meaning to write this post since December you guys! But time has just flown by, life has happened, but fret not; it’s here. I have finally made the effort to sit down, go through the millions of pics we took in Bali for our Baby Moon / Family Xmas Getaway and I can now share them with you.

This is a very PICTURE HEAVY post, and for that, I am sorry not sorry.

[1] The House

I wanted to start off by sharing some snaps of the amazing mansion we stayed at. We rented a house on a tiny island called Nusa Cenincgan. It was us, plus all of hubby’s immediate family so there were 8 of us in total. I totally forgot to take snaps of the inside though, so check those out here if you’re interested.

The whole idea behind renting this gorgeous place, was so that we didn’t have to leave it (at least not that often) Usually when we go to Bali, we rent scooters, and we do day trips etc etc; but because I was pregnant, that kinda limited me in what I could do. Also because we were with the whole family, it was nice to have a place where we could all chill. We brought loads of board games, I brought along two giant inflatables for the pool, and we had plenty of nice cold beverages to keep hydrated in the hot humid weather

[2] A day in the life of me

I literally lived my best life, slept in, then chilled in bed on my phone, or reading a book (the aircon was great!). My favourite thing about this small island is that (almost) all the restaurants have WhatsApp, which means you can text them an order, and they’ll deliver it to you – FOR FREE. So good!! I’d order breakfast from my favourite cafe – Next Level. And it’d usually arrive within the hour (Bali time….). I basically ate pancakes and a smoothie bowl for breakfast every day – it was SO delicious.

As I said earlier, I brought along two giant inflatables from Kmart. Me and my main girl Adi (sis-in-law) would just chill in the pool until our hearts were content! It was super relaxing and so nice to be in the water with the bump. It took so much pressure off my back (ha, I thought I was big back then.. I feel 10 times bigger as I type this!)

how cute are my swimsuits from I was obsessed hahaha!

Next up was lunch, I’d Whatsapp my order (and anyone else who wanted food) to our restaurant of choice, and we’d wait for it to be delivered. While I waited, I’d usually have a shower to cool off and get the pool water off me, and then chill on the couch or chat to the fam bam. Sometimes, I’d just stay in the pool. Mie Goreng was/is my fave food to order in Bali! It’s seriously yum.

The rest of the day was spent either in the pool, playing board games, reading books, scrolling through Instagram, or chilling with a lime sparking water in all of the various nooks around the house. Or doing impromptu photoshoots with Adi hahahah! She also braided my hair hella nice! Oh we also would get the occasional massage (they come to the house) I know right?! Tough life for some of us.

[3] All of the food

We’d try to venture out of the house every now and then to go and explore the island and all of the cute restaurants it has to offer. These were some of of my favourite:





[4] Some of the sights

I really didn’t go out a lot, but the one day we got a little car to drive us around the island. It was great to see the sights, but so crappy in the sense that it literally rained down on us THE ENTIRE TIME. Not fun when you’re sitting uncomfortably in the back of a van, on a bench like seat, trying to avoid being whacked by the trees as you drive past them. Anyway… I was glad to get back to our lovely home after this day.

  • Abyss Zipline (we just looked) but look at that blue water that you zipline over!
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Ceningan Cliff Restaurant
  • Yellow Bridge
  • Song Tepo Beach

All in all, we had an awesome time. It was so nice to get away with the whole family, but also spend some quality time in paradise with my darling husband before our baby arrives! I’m glad we went when we did, because if we’d left it any later I’d have been way way way more uncomfortable and tired!