Stonehenge - Megzie

Okay, real talk. Stonehenge was cool and all, but there were a few things that I did not expect based off all the pictures that I’ve seen floating around the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

  1. You have to pay to get in to see it (and it’s not all that cheap either, well not cheap when you’re trying to travel on a budget) £15.50 for adults.
  2. You can’t just mozey on up to it. No, no, no… you have to catch a bus, and it’s like a 5-7 minute bus ride, not including waiting times for the busses.
  3. There are A LOT of people! Far out, bus loads of tourists are there, and it kind of kills the vibe. We arrived at 5.30 and there were still hundreds of people there.
  4. You can’t actually get that close to it. There is a big walk path that loops the stones, but you’re not getting anywhere close, probably at least 20-30 meters away. Sorry, no touching it either.

I was in a bad mood this day too. We had flown from Iceland to Glasgow, waited ages for our car rental. And then we drove a few hours to get there, plus we both have the flu and were just tired overall. We weren’t expecting to have to pay and for it to take as long as it did. So ploise excuse my grumpy face.

I’m still glad we went, I mean, we’d come this far, we might as well see it. Although, apparently there is one in Esperence now (totally fake) but at least you can walk up to it and touch it! hahah! And it only costs $10AUD… Road trip to Esperance anyone? :)