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The Castle on the Hill

July 7, 2017

This gorgeous place is called Mont Saint-Michel. It is basically a castle in Normandy, France and it was absolutely breathtaking. It’s on its own private island and has been around since the 8th century. Apparently, as of 2009, the island populates a grand total of 44 people. That being said, they’re definitely not lonely, because over 3 million people visit this place each year. And boy oh boy, was it busy!

What I loved most about this castle, is how unexpected the inside was (aka behind the walls). I was expecting old, abandoned landmark kind of style. Yes, it’s old, but far out, this place is COMMERCIALISED. Talk about touristy, there were cafes, there were tourist shops, there were tours, there were bakeries, I could go on. There were soooo many people, although was I loved, is that you could take a turn and go up an alleyway and not see any people for ages, so you can really get ‘lost’ at Mont Saint Michel.

We walked around, took some snaps and then I got a coffee and a french waffle with strawberry (I know, it looks like ketchup). So yummy and warm though, because it was super windy and the chill factor was high!

Oh I should also mention, that you can’t actually drive here (we were bummed because we wanted to fly the drone – didn’t quite realize how popular it was going to be!) you have to park, and then take a free shuttle over.

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