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This post is going to look a bit backwards in terms of the timing, because we arrived in San Sebastian at sunset, took some snaps, and then spent the following morning there. So you’ll have nighttime pics first, and then morning/day time pics next. Oh the joys of travelling.

San Sebastian was AWESOME. It’s a little town on the coast of Spain and it’s known for it’s relatively affordable tapas. Although, I will add that it was SO WINDY!

When we arrived, we decided to go for a walk to the coast, and man was the wind blowing, it was FREEZING. But there were still people swimming – cray.

But just look at that sunset!

Just look at that water – it seems rough, I dunno,  in my opinion, you’d be crazy to be swimming in that….

After we hit the beach, we walked around the town a little bit and then we went to try some of these famous tapas. We went to two places, one is rated very highly on TripAdvisor (and I can see why) the other one, I can’t remember the name of… oops.

The first place, called Borda Berri, and unlike the other Tapas places, they make the food fresh. We had the steak (SOOO GOOD!) the bread was good too, and we had the beef cheeks. And a few cheeky bevvy’s.

These pics are from the next place we visited. I think it might be called Bar Sport (don’t quote me on that). They had all the food out, you grab a plate and then you pay for what you’ve selected. It was yummy, but a lot of food on bread (and seafood, not my forte)

Although, they did make a mean Sangria!!

The next morning…. still windy, but not as cold! This is the same beach – yep there were still people swimming. As you can see I decided to be safe and put my nice warm winter coat 0n, you know, to protect from windchill hahah!

We just walked around the town, there were loads of cool streets, building, alleyways and even a little market that sold fresh fruit and flowers!

We decided to walk further along the coast, and what was cool is that they had these black marble like cubes instead of rocks at the coast line (we’re just used to rocks) They looked so awesome

These are the black marble cube things I was talking about earlier…..

I forgot to mention that San Sebastian was a totally random unplanned spontaneous trip – I’m sooo glad we went here. Highly recommend anyone to do the same!!