The most versatile maternity dress - Megzie

Let me start this post off by saying how HARD I have found it to find decent maternity clothes. I went to several malls/shops and the only places that I could remotely find anything were the likes of Kmart and Target. So I turned my sights to the online world. ASOS has become my very best friend (and my husbands worst enemy! oopsies!)

OH wait, it’s a top too??

This dress was the very first item I bought; and it was only by total accident that I realized it could be worn as a top as well! woooooop! So this is my day to night look, if you will, for the beautiful Mini Bardot Pencil Dress with Ruffle (only $44!)

What I love is that the dress (or top – wink wink) can be worn both on and off the shoulder. This makes it even more of a versatile look. I also just love the Ruffled look – ladies, real talk, the boobies get so darn big when you’re growing a human, it’s nice to have an outfit that somewhat takes away from that – well, for me at least.

Oooh what’s that, it’s turning to night time or I have some fancy event to go to like a wedding?

Let me just throw my Kmart jeans to the side, pull down the dress, and slip on some nicer shoes and voila! You have a nice night look.

Here’s one with me with a hat on too, because, why not! I seriously love this dress. And it’s honestly so comfortable, it breathes well and it looks fab. It also makes your bump pop out really nicely too, which I love.

I feel like I hit the clothes lottery buying this dress first, because it’s so versatile I’ve been able to dress it up and down to several occasions now. Also, it’s black, which is like, my all time favourite colour when it comes to clothes.

If you’re expecting and ASOS is still selling this dress, I’d highly highly recommend that you treat yourself!