Our Gender Reveal - Megzie

This weekend we threw a Gender Reveal party so that we could find out the gender of our little bubby – spoiler alert – it’s a BOY. We had the envelope with the sex in it for over 2 weeks before we found out. It took massive self-control to not open it…. okay you got me, hubs actually had to hide it from me, because I definitely would have peaked – BUT I DIDN’T! (because I couldn’t find the envelope!)

Anyway, my lovely friend, who runs Perth Open Photobooth was kind enough to take some snaps for us on our big day. I’m so happy with how everything turned out!

[ 1 ]  The Decor

With a baby coming along, I really tried to keep the budget low in terms of the decorations. Kmart was my best friend. I bought:

  • Blue and pink streamers that I hung up wish washi tape
  • a Blue and pink hanging ball
  • B A B Y air filled silver balloons
  • 2 holographic silver stars
  • Blue, pink and silver bunting
  • Spotted plates
  • Pink & Blue napkins
  • Lettered bunting (CronYAY) From Typo

and I literally just used these to fill up some spaces. I also printed a baby photo of each of us and used this on the food table to add to the whole vibe.

[ 2 ] The Food

I ummmed and ahhed about the food for this party for a long time. I wanted something that was yummy, filling, not too expensive and not too boring. We thought about tacos, but the more I thought about it, the more difficult it became in my head. We had just under 40 people coming, so I wanted something less complicated than a build your own taco bar. Then I thought about party pies, and finger food, but that wasn’t exactly the direction I wanted to go down either. Then I thought about a grazing platter, but being pregnant I wouldn’t be able to eat half the stuff on there (deli meats, soft cheeses.. you get my drift).I eventually settled on the idea of pulled pork sliders. I could make the pork in the slow cooker the night before, prep the coleslaw and have the buns ready to go. This meant minimal food prep on the actual day – WINNING. I did also end up doing a cheese platter, with a bit of soft cheese on there too, just because it looks pretty, it was a hot day and it’s something refreshing.

For sweets, I had a blue and pink donut wall, and I also made some white chocolate bark with pink and blue swirls mixed in (super easy to do!) Overall, I was really happy with the food, and got loads of compliments on it too – woop woop.

And for drinks, I just made two punches – a pink and a blue one. And we also had a tub full of pepsi max, solo and corona :) I kept it real simple!

[ 3 ] The Games

I initially had all these grand ideas of things like tug of war between team pink and team blue, or bean bag toss, but it all became a bit too complicated – pregnancy can be hard yo! So i eventually settled on three games:

  1. Guess how many jelly babies
  2. Guess who (out of baby pics of me and the hubs)
  3. Predictions for our baby (things like time of birth, date, hair colour, eye colour etc etc)

These turned out to be so much fun, and almost everyone played along. Apparently picking the babies wasn’t as easy as everyone thought it would be!

[ 4 ] The Reveal

This was my favourite part. We also spent ages trying to figure out how we wanted to do this, cut a cake, pop a balloon, and we eventually settled on a box filled with helium balloons. The way we set it up was that we bought a bunch of pink and a bunch of blue helium balloons, we decorated a box that we had laying around with some wrapping paper. And then about 5 mins before the reveal, we took all the goodies inside our bedroom with a close family friend. And trusted her to the envelope. She then put the correct balloons in the box and brought it out for us.

Now, we both 1000000% thought it was a girl, so you can see how surprised we both were when we saw BLUE balloons! It was hilarious! We are both so excited to welcome a little boy into our family. I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

Even though we had to wait a little bit longer than normal to find out the sex – I’m SO glad that we did it this way. It was so nice finding out with all of our close friends and family. And because there was a bit of a leadup to the big day it made it all the more exciting!!

I’m honestly so happy and excited for this next chapter, and now that we know the gender, I can start putting more effort and care into our Nursery! woop woop!!