Venice!!! - Megzie

I am IN LOVE with Venice! This place is so so so unique, and quirky, and special that I am definitely putting it back on my bucket list.

We had a very interesting start to the day, when we parked our car at the ferry terminal and then walked over to buy the ferry tickets, we learned that they were striking for the next 4 hours…. hmmm… So we decided that we would walk over (which took about 2o mins, so not too bad!)

I actually really enjoyed the walk, and we walked from the one side of Venice to the Bridge of Sighs, by the time we got there, the ferrys were running again, and we took it back to the car park. It all worked out really well, but there were a few very unhappy (grumpy) people in the morning!

The canals! The Gondolas (we didn’t pay $80USD to go on one if you’re wondering…), the food! We had gelato, and pizza and salad and it was all so good! The bridges, the markets, the shops! You can even buy a drink in a side store (like a beer) and keep walking.

The only downside, is that at some parts, there were A LOT of people, and it was crowded and HOT. But apart from that, I have nothing bad to say about Venice. I gave the old camera another good workout!

Ahhh, even just looking at these photos myself makes me want to go back already!!!!!