The Colosseum and Vatican - Megzie

We got up SUPER early to make sure we got to the Colosseum before it got “crowded.” If I’m being honest, I don’t think it made that much of a difference, we rocked up at 8.15am and the queue to get tickets took us over 30 mins! then when we got in, you had to line up again, and go through security which also seemed to take forever. Once we got through all the checkpoints, and could walk around, it was way better. BUT there were still people everywhere, and it was FLIPPING hot. I struggled to enjoy the experience if I’m being totally honest.

The audio tour was really interesting, but a lot of what you see at the Colosseum isn’t how it used to be, and has been reconstructed or restored. I kinda preferred admiring it from the outside, but I guess you don’t know these things until you’ve done them.

After we visited the Colosseum, we went back to our airbnb to have some breakfast and chill for a bit. It was a really hot day so we weren’t really feeling like being out in the heat of the day for hours on end (Europe, you are so lucky to have such late sunsets!!!)

Once it “cooled” down a bit – HAHA IT DIDN’T, we made our way to the Vatican. It was cool to see, but again, there were a lot of people there and not much shade. We decided that we wouldn’t pay to go in and check out the inside (we have to save some things for an excuse to come back)

We were meant to stay in Rome one more night, but we decided that instead, we’d make our way to Venice. This wasn’t originally part of our plan, but we’d both kinda had enough of Rome, and though it’d be cool to also tick Venice off our bucket list too! So we bailed on our airbnb, and hit the road. It was really fun being spontaneous. We ended up in this little coastal town somewhere in Italy, and went for a swim at the beach and had dinner at a local restaurant. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made on this trip so far! We even had a cheeky gelato for dessert! Mmmm :)