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I’m going to break this day into three main parts for you

  1. Our morning at our beautiful airbnb
  2. Our spontaneous beach pit stop on the way to Rome
  3. Our first day in Rome and what we got up to

1. The cutest airbnb

I haven’t really been sharing much insights into where we’ve been staying, but this place really stood out to me. It was our airbnb in Pisa and the decor was just soooo nice. Also they put out the most special breakfast for us AND they had a brand new puppy. We had a bit of a sleep in and just enjoyed our morning here. It’s nice to not always be go go go!

2. Our Beach Pit Stop

We technically made 2 beach stops, the first one was at this pebble beach (and I know it doesn’t look like it in the pics, but it was CROWDED!) We really wanted to swim and fly the drone, so we deiced that we’d stop somewhere else if the opportunity came up.

Wellll… it did. The next beach stop wasn’t quite as nice as the first, because it was a boat port that lead to the beach. But we got to swim (SO REFRESHING) and fly the drone – winning!!

3. We made it to Rome

Ahh, Rome; everyone has said so many good things about you. It’s hard to believe that we’re finally here. We walked around a bunch of places, including the Trevi Fountain (and numerous other ones). We also got our first Gelato – omg so yum. And then found a place for dinner, we had such a yummy :D then we wondered over to the Colosseum to see it at night (and also to see if we could get tickets for the morning, spoiler, we couldn’t).