Hadrians Wall and Edinburgh - Megzie

Firstly, Scotland is sooooo green! I loved the drive from Milton Keynes to Hadrians Wall, it was so beautiful. From the Wall we drove to Edinburgh (lots of driving!)

Hadrian’s Wall is also known as Hadrian grassland. It was a Roman border built by Emperor Hadrian in the year 122 (yep, that’s right, it’s a good 1,895 years old!) Truth be told, I only just googled that fact now, and at the time of visiting I was just like, oh cool, a wall…. Literally had no idea how old it was, that’s why I look so blas√© about it all. Aaaaaanyway, it’s 118km long, we only visited this little section. It’s nice because you don’t have to pay to see it (ahem Stonehenge) and the grass that surrounds it, was beautiful.

After we vistied the 1,895 year old wall, we drove to Edinburgh – we made it to Scotland! No joke, within 10 mins of being there, we saw someone in a kilt playing bagpipes – LOVE IT. We then visited the castle, which is the oldest building in Edinburgh :)

We didn’t get up to much, it seems like there was a lot of Ghost tours (no thanks). We just walked up and down the street and I snapped away. I loved how there was a giftshop called the “wee” gift shop. There is also a lot of Whisky shops, D was super happy about that!