Harry Potter Filming Locations - Megzie

Okay, so I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan, but unfortunately for me, hubs doesn’t care too much for it (I know right?!) So Harry Potter Warner Bro’s world was off the table – boo! BUT, we did find a pretty good compromise, thanks to our awesome friends who are locals (because we would have never known). Some of the locations for the Harry Potter films were filmed in Oxford!

Our first stop was the Great Hall (Christ Church College); but just outside the Hall is the staircase from the first movie, I’m sure you’ll recognise it.

The Great Hall itself, was A LOT smaller than I imagined (crazy what some CGI can do – eh!) Also, the pictures on the wall didn’t move like in the movie, what with that (haha! I’m kidding obviously).

We walked through a beautiful cathedral as well, and there, were some of the hallways used as Hogwarts hallways, I loved it so much.

The Library was closed, however, apparently they filmed most of the Library scenes there too, would’ve been cool to go in and see that too, but I’m really happy with what we saw in the short time we were there.

What better way to end the day, than with a “world famous” ice cream! Especially for a “hot summers day” in the UK – hahah! It was more like a nice winters day for us Aussies :)