A day in Oxford - Megzie

We had a wonderful day in Oxford, just walking around and exploring the streets. We hit up most of the main landmarks like Oxford University, The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Natural History, we even went to a beer garden. BUT my personal highlight, was getting to see some of the awesome Harry Potter locations. I’ll be doing a seperate post on this because I took way too many photos – any tips on how to not take so many? I literally think that I see my world through frames these days. Everything is a potential photo op, heck, in one of the pics below, you can even see Drikus trying to grab my hand as we cross a road because I was too busy snapping away. Ooops.

Oh, and we also stopped in at a super cool Cathedral. The architecture is really something. After the cathedral, we went to a cute marketplace, in there, we got these delicious pies. For those of you who don’t know me personally, my nickname is Moo, or Moomoo (no idea how this came about, but hey, I kinda like it), anyway, the name of my pie was Moo, and then as we left, there was a little store called moo-moo’s! LOVE IT.

One thing I just adored about Oxford, was all of the flowers and gardens. So much vibrance and colour to be seen – I love me some colour :)

We couldn’t go to England and NOT have a drink in a pub. So we found this neat little garden pub and sat down for a refreshing pint. So good.

I’ll leave it here for this post, I seriously feel like they’re getting more and more photo heavy, let me know if you agree or disagree! Up next, the Harry Potter filming locations :) Stay tuned!

Megzie x