The Foggy Swiss Alps - Megzie

Okay, so firstly, we drove from Italy to the Swiss Alps, it was BEAUTIFULLY warm in Italy when we woke up, so I put a nice summer dress on. Secondly, we were stoked to be driving through the highly acclaimed Swiss Alps, but 2 maybe even 3 hours into our drive, and all we had seen was FOG. You could barely see 3 metres in front of you (and I was driving! Eeek!) It was also FA-REEZING cold! Definitely regretted that nice summer dress – hahaha!

Anyway, the higher up the mountains we got, the fog started to clear, and we even managed to fly the drone for a bit! So we got some incredible shots.

Backtracking a little bit, we got up in the very early hours of the morning to start the drive, and stopped at this beautiful lake somewhere in the Italian countryside to start. I can’t get over how stunningly blue the water is.

And then the drive up the Alps began, this shot was taken out of the window of our car. Talk about ‘scenic’ huh. We eventually got to a peak, and there was this church there, it seemed clear enough to fly the drone, but alas, it was wayyyyy to windy. We were so bummed!

Literally, 10 minutes later, we came to another clearing, and pulled the car over ASAP! D got the drone out and got some incredible shots.  We had no idea, that we had stopped near a glacier (thanks drone for the extra perspective!) and what I love most about the pics is that you can get a really great picture of just how windy and bendy the roads were! (and maybe you can appreciate how tough the driving conditions were at the start with all that fog!)

OH yeah, I forgot to mention but there were SO MANY wild flowers! In all sorts of colors, it was soooooo hard to not take too many pictures of them! Okay, here is that glacier that I was talking about earlier! We were parked just to the right where you see all the cars.

The roads literally look like a toy race track from above!! We drove for a little bit more and then found this gorgeous waterfall!

OH and my absolute favourite part ( because I love animals so much) but there were loads of these cows AND THEY HAD BELLS ON THEIR NECKS. It was like a cartoon! They were soooo sooo soo cute! And they looked really soft too! I think I got a pretty good snap of one of them. Love it!

Another pit stop! This time we flew the drone over a valley, and there was a whole village of houses below us. It started to rain just shortly after we launched Mr Drone, so we only got a few snaps.

The next tow pics, is more how I imagined the alps to be – luscious, dark green thick forest like rolling hills covered in ‘Christmas’ trees.

All in all, the day ended up being so worth it (I don’t know what we would have done if the fog didn’t clear up!) Phew! My only disappointment with Switzerland (or where we were at least) is that I couldn’t find any of the famous Swiss CHOCOLATE anywhere! Booooooo!!!!