Our first Italian Pizza! - Megzie

Y’all, if you know D and me, then you would know, that Italian food is our ABSOLUTE fave! Pizza all the way and pasta forever! All the carbs basically. Anyway, we have been looking forward to arriving in Italy THIS WHOLE TRIP, purely just so we can eat some real authentic Italian food. And boy, oh boy, it did not disappoint!

Our first stop in Italy was a tiny town called Vercelli, we had so much trouble trying to order, and they ended up bringing us three pizzas instead of two, and they were all the same. But you know what? WE DIDN’T EVEN CARE. Why? Because they were so flipping delicious!! And we had enough leftovers for our road trip the following day – WINNING!

Also, the size of the beer? Haugeeee! Just what we needed to wash down the amazing Pizza with.

On another note, Vercelli was absolutely adorable. After our dinner we walked along the coast, and there was live music, there were tonnes of people, and there were so markets selling these awesome homemade trinkets. Love it!