Monaco - Megzie

Wow, Monaco was intense. It makes you realise that some people have way way way way way way way too much money. The skies were blue, the cars were EXPENSIVE, people were walking around with 4-5 GIANT CHANEL BAGS – what even?! You could totally tell by the way people were dressed that they just had tonnes of money. And when we walked to the harbour, the amount of crazy boats, yachts and mini cruise ships we saw was insane.

There were no H&Ms here, there were literally just Chanels, and Louis Vuittons and other expensive shops that I can’t even think of the names of!

Oh, and the cherry on top, is that the water was the clearest, bluest water I’ve seen in a long time. This place was just on a whole other level.

Not to mention, it’s home to the famous Monte Carlo casino (pictured first)

Cray Cray!