The Cutest Farm Stay - Megzie

So this weekend we drove about an hour East of Perth to a little town called York. There we stayed at the cutest farm stay called Lavendale Farm There were about 5 families that went, and what was great was that the rooms were huge! And the living area was nice and big too. It was so cozy, especially now that it’s cooling down (*cough FREEEEEZING)

I loveeedddd all the animals, they had ponies, lambs, baby cows, alpacas, ostriches, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks – everything! and they were all soooo cute. My little nephew came too, and I really feel like we bonded heaps. He’s 6 and my inner child came out when I saw all these animals. It was seriously the best time ever.

Fun fact, the bright orange jacket that you see him wearing, was mine when I was 8….you’re talking about an 18 year old jacket! It’s so awesome! He loved wearing it too! It was great, because we literally couldn’t’ lose him either hahaha.. this bright orange spot running around everywhere. Sah CUTE.