Desert Dunes and Camels Galore - Megzie

Helloooo everyone!

This morning we landed in Abu Dhabi, rented a car, and then drove 90 minutes to Sharjah. We have old family friends that live here and we’re staying with them. We arrived at about 2am. I woke up at 6.30 super excited… I’m about to travel for 6 whole weeks! woohoo!! I love all the emotions at the beginning of a trip, don’t you!

Anyway, we woke up, said our hellos and then hit the road very early (i’m talking, like 7.30/8) to drive to the desert. It was already boiling hot!

Driving off road in the sand dunes was SO much fun! We even saw a couple of camels. The sand was so beautiful, and it was just such a thrill. Highly recommend.

We did a bunch of other things today too, but I’ll just share the fun desert snaps for now. Let me know what you think!!

I’m stoked we saw camels, honestly, we first spotted one in the distance, and I was like LETS GET CLOSER! They are so flipping cute, and is it just me or do they always look like they’re smiling? haha!