Breakfast, Buildings and the Burj Khalifa - Megzie

Day one in Dubai did not disappoint. We started off by exploring the desert. From there we came back to our friends house and made some seriously delicious brunch, I’m talking THE WORKS! Then we had a cheeky nap (we’re still pooped from all the travelling).

Then we got up and drove from Sharjah, to Dubai. We saw the Burj Al Arab (although, it was a bit hazy, boo!)  It was fun driving on the palm though. We checked out the Dubai Mall (sooooo many shops!) and then we went to the Burj Khalifa building (which is seriously tall!)

At the Burj Khalifa, we wondered around, and then ate some dinner there. It was pretty cool, because it’s currently Ramadan, so we had to wait for the prayer and the canon to go off first before we could eat and drink. After dinner we watched the fountain show, which played to music. It was such a nice way to end the day. It was still boiling, stinking hot at 10pm at night! Crazy hot here in the desert!