We made it to Stockholm! - Megzie

Hey Peeps!

We drove from Scotland to Stockholm (basically drove all day); but we did find this cool park to have some lunch at, it was also beautiful and green – and yay for Sandwiches!

When we got to Stockholm, we parked the car and made our way to the Vasa Museum. It’s basically this super old viking ship that sunk on it’s maiden voyage (because the king wanted certain specifications, and, as it turns out, those specifications weren’t seaworthy – oops!) the ship was super cool, and there was heaps of cool artifacts to look at. After the museum, we checked into our hostel, and then walked around Stockholm. We found this local Pizza place for dinner, and the whole menu was in Swedish, so we took our chances and got a Mexicana pizza – pretty safe :) then when it arrived, it had some weird meat on it, I think crab (I don’t eat seafood) doh! I just picked it off haha.

We also walked up to the castle, and you guys, we have been SO lucky with our timing, we’ve pretty much seen a change of guard every time we’ve randomly rocked up to a castle! So good.

I loved the canals and the colourful buildings, Sweden is quickly becoming a favourite!

Another pic heavy post (sorry!!)