A Swedish Ikea, a castle, and a Norwegian sunset - Megzie

Maaaan today was hectic AS! Firstly, we went to Ikea – IN SWEDEN. Which I can only imagine is like going to the real Santa’s village in the North Pole. We obvs had Swedish Meatballs – what else :) AND SWEDEN IKEA SERVES BEER! Ummmm… and it’s on tap, like you just pay for your lil’ old glass, and then unlimited refills. So good. mmmmm

Then we went to another Royal Palace, I think it was in Norway, we’re going so fast through Europe, it’s all starting to become a big blur. What I do remember, is that you could literally walk up to the front door of this palace. It was so cool. Oh, and you could totally walk around all the gardens there. It was gorgeous (and guess what ALSO VERY GREEN!??) how is everything so green here. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS EUROPE.

Oh, and remember how I said we’ve been so lucky with our changing of the guards, we just so happened to rock up at the time of the guard change, so I got some cool snaps of them too – woohoo!

Then we drove to our airbnb in Norway, and walked over to this cool dock thing, it was sunset and absolutely GORGEOUS. We flew the drone, took some snaps and called it a night.