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When I was about 7 (just about to turn 8) my family visited Europe, we went to a few places, London, Ireland, Copenhagen – I think there were a few more)  aaannnway, I remember a few things about this trip

  1. I turned 8 in Ireland and had an awesome Bart Simpson Cake (photo evidence below)
  2. My mum really wanted to visit the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, and I loved Ariel, so therefore, I also wanted to visit the Little Mermaid (I was disappointed that she was just green and looked nothing like the Disney Princess that I knew and loved)
  3. Copenhagen had THE BEST hotdog I had ever eaten, and there were a loads of pigeons on a cobblestoned square

Aaanyway, now that we returned to Copenhagen, as an adult (I would have never imagined that I’d be returning as a married woman! I still love Ariel btw) I wanted to go back to the Little Mermaid, and I wanted a hotdog.

Yes, they still had the hotdogs – woohoo! BUT we had no cash and they didn’t take card – SO WE DIDN’T GET ONE. wahhh!

It was so nice to see the Little Mermaid again (I should start abbreviating to TLM going forward….) I don’t remember being allowed to go as close to her as I did and I also don’t remember there being that many tourists last time, maybe I was young and oblivious.

After we visited TLM we walked around for a bit. We visited the Palace and walked up a few streets. There were a few lovely fountains and loads more green statues. Also we went to a canal and there were so many colourful buildings! I love love love how they all look along the riverfront. Side note – an adorable little girl waved at me when I was posing in front of a pink building, totes made my day!

All in all, it was great to come back to a place that made an impact on me as a kiddo! Who knows, maybe one day we’ll bring our own mini me’s here to visit TLM!