A little island called Marstrand - Megzie

Day two of staying with our friends from our cruise, called for a road trip to Marstrand. Oh my goodness, this place was so cute! You had to take a ferry across to this little island and on it there were cute houses, absolutely breathtaking views, a castle and yummy food!

Yes, we did MORE WALKING today! But it was so worth it (I’m not THAT lazy I swear!). We hiked up a cliff, and the ocean views were incredible. I couldn’t stop snapping pics. Then we walked more inland – through a field of daisies, to this giant old castle. We didn’t go inside it, but we walked all around it. Then we had lunch, fish and chips for the boy, and a burger (non seafood!) for moi. We ended the day by flying the drone around the island (*edit, I just realized that I haven’t put the drone pics in – sighhhh back I go to quickly find them and add them in – YOUR WELCOME). *elevator music plays*

okkkayyy I’m back… they’re here. We flew the drone (pics NOW below) and we saw a bunch of cute little ducklings. Such a nice day – and the weather was to die for!