Sugar Doily - Megzie Makes


I’m a sucker for pretty things. So when I came across a photo of a sugar doily in a tea cup I just had to give it a go myself. I’d say that mine were probably a bit too heavy as they sunk straight away instead of ‘floating’ on top of the tea.


Ready to Roll Icing (I used Queen Ready to Roll icing)
Icing Sugar to dust
Flower shaped cookie cutter (anything with a round shape will work)
Rolling Pin
Toothpick or Fork
Tea (I used Rooibos)

STEP-1Roll out a small ball of the Icing, not too thin as you will be rolling it out a second time later.
Using the cookie cutter, cut into the icing to get your doily stencil.


Roll over the cut out so that you get a thin doily. Make sure that it will fit into the tea cup that you plan on using. I used a wine glass to imprint a circle into the icing so I could use it as a reference when I started cutting out the dots to make the doily pattern. STEP-3
I used a fork, but a toothpick or the tip of a small piping tip will work to cut the holes into the doily. Get as creative as you like. Once you’ve cut your desired pattern, set aside and let the doily ‘harden’ a little bit. Otherwise it will be too fragile to work with.


Make your tea, and add the doily and voila a pretty cup of tea. This would be a great idea at a Tea Party or Bridal/Baby Shower, or just a Spring afternoon, whatever!


Hope you enjoyed that! Love Megs xo