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Recipes like this should be illegal. How can something so delicious only take 90 seconds to make? Seriously, it’s dangerous! Plus it’s pretty much made up of ingredients that already lying around the house. (Adapted from here)

Serves 2 (although, 1 person could probably eat it all in one sitting!)



4 tbs brown sugar
3 tbs cocoa powder
4 tbs self raising flour
3 tbs milk
3 tbs vegetable oil
3 tbs Nutella
2 tbs crushed peanuts
1 egg
whipped cream
chocolate sauce (to drizzle)


1. Add the sugar 2. Add the Cocoa Powder. 3. Add the self raising flour 4. Next add the milk  5. and vegetable oil. 6. Scoop in the Nutella. 7. Sprinkle the crushed peanuts over. 8. Add the egg

It’s as simple as that. Make sure that after you’ve added the egg, you whisk everything together with a fork ensuring that all ingredients are mixed well. Otherwise, this will be an epic fail.

9. Microwave for 90 seconds (depending on your microwave it could range from 60 – 120 seconds)

10. add the whipped cream, drizzle the chocolate sauce and enjoy!!



Too good to be true. Make sure you have some tea or water to wash this down with, seriously, you’ll need it! Love Megs xo