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Honey, Milk & Sand Footscrub

By October 6, 2013July 8th, 2017No Comments


This is a quick and easy remedy for “holiday feet” it restores them to soft & silky in a matter of minutes.

The ingredients are pretty obvious :)

1 cup of sand (I used beach sand)
about 2/3 cup of milk
2 tbs honey


Step 1. Combine the milk & sand and stir until you have a thick mixture (almost sludge like). Make sure it’s not too wet, as you want the sand to be the primary ingredient. If it does get too sludgey, add more sand.


Step 2. Drizzle the honey over the top and mix in well.

Add-Honey Stir

Apply a generous amount of scrub to your feet and, using your hands, scrub in well all over the foot. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then wash off with warm water.


Enjoy your nice soft and silky feet :) This is really nice in summer, as the milk & honey hydrate the dry skin whilst the sand scrubs off the coarse layers of dead skin. The honey also adds a really nice sweet smell to the scrub :) Love Megs xo