Wrapping Paper Holder - Megzie


Tis the season to be wrapping!! But how annoying is it when you have multiple wrapping paper rolls with loose pieces of paper hanging of the end. You’ve tried sticky tape to hold the paper down, but the next time you go to use the paper, the sticky tape rips it. Not the biggest problem in the world, but it is an annoying one.

Let me introduce you to the toilet paper, tinfoil wrapped, slightly sliced holder that will keep all your gift wrapping in place!

Here is what you’ll need to make this:


Your wrapping paper, of course,
Toilet roll tube
A small sheet of tinfoil – enough to wrap around the toilet roll tube

Step One


Use the scissors to cut down one side of the toilet roll.

Step Two


Lay the now sliced toilet roll onto your sheet of tinfoil making sure it’s centred. You’re going to be wrapping the toilet roll as though it were a christmas gift!

Step Three


Fold over the right hand side of the paper into the roll. Using your fingers, press to tighten and flatten the foil so that it’s nice and secure.

Repeat this on the left hand side too.

Step Four


Fold the top part of the foil over on itself and, again using your fingers, press all around to secure the foil in place. Repeat this for the bottom.

Step 5


Use your fingers to press down on the foil all around the tube so that it’s tight and compact.



And its as simple as that folks! Place the foil tube around any loose ends of wrapping paper and it’ll be sure to hold it in place. Love Megs xo