Out of the box: Snowman Hot Chocolate - Megzie



This is by no means a hard recipe, but it is a fun and cute way to easily create some festive joy!

What you’ll need:


Hot chocolate sachet (I used Jarrah)
A handful of marshmallows
Black and orange food markers (not photographed above)

Step One


Boil the kettle; whilst the kettle is boiling, pour the contents of the sachet into your mug. Once the kettle has boiled, pour over the sachet, stirring well to mix the powder and the water. Top up with milk.

Step Two


Use the food markers to draw the snowman faces. Simply use black to draw two dots for the eyes; and orange to draw a triangle (on an angle) for the nose Make sure you use the biggest surface area of the marshmallows otherwise when you put them in the hot chocolate the faces will submerge themselves.

Step Three



Combine the Marshmallows and hot chocolate and enjoy! I’m sure this is one that both adults, and kids would have fun with! Love Megs x