I've had strawberry daiquiris before, but this unique twist was a refreshing surprise.. - Megzie


Happy Valentines day everyone!

Okay, so no matter what you’re doing today/tonight, you have to find an excuse to make this drink. Perhaps you can make it for that special someone before/after dinner? Or invite the girls around for some v-day drinks…. into a guy but not sure if he’s into you? Entice him with this Love Potion and he’ll be all yours (*I can’t guarantee that, but hey, it’s worth a shot right?).

Plus, this drink is awesome. Think something along the lines of a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, but instead of strawberries, add raspberries and a touch of lime. This drink is delicious, it’s sweet and has just a hint of sour – it’s the perfect concoction this valentines day.



2 cups frozen rasberries
lime pulp of 2 limes
2/3 cups sprite
1/3 cup of lime juice cordial
1/3 cup of vodka


Start by peeling the limes so that you have the pulps ready to go


2. This recipe is literally as easy as this: Combine rasberries, lime pulp, sprite, cordial and vodka in a blender and mix until smooth



You may want to add ice if it’s not ‘frozen’ enough.

Serve in a nice glass, and if you feel like being extra sweet this valentines day, coat the rim of the glass in sugar! Garnish with lime.


You could also serve this up in a Mason Jar for a fun, summery drink.


You have to try this easy recipe out! It’s refreshingly yummy! Love Megs xo