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Over the weekend we celebrated my friend Liv’s Hens Day. Unlike the typical go out all night, get smashed, and see some naughty things, this one was a day trip to a winery, a tapas basket lunch and, my personal favourite, a wine tasting. The winery was Jane Brook Estate, it’s gorgeous, the food baskets were absolutely stunning, and delicious, and the wines were diVINE (see what I did there mwhah). Ahhhh Autumn is here, we don’t get the typical “four season” in Perth. So whenever I see an array of orange, red, purple and green leaves I get super excited. They’re just so pretty! I still think pictures are worth a thousand words, so without furtherado, here are my happy snaps.


So, for those of you who don’t know me that well, I’ll tell you a little secret…. ready? I have a totally, weird, irrational fear of Gold! I can’t stand it. It makes my palms sweaty when I see it (I know, it’s weird). So the gold wine was a bit much for me. I was okay looking at it in the bottle! But the thought of EVER drinking it, actually makes me feel sick. Gold wine aside, this was an awesome day. I need to remember how close the Swan Valley is, and try to make more day trips there. It’s such a nice day out!

Take care lovelies!

Megsie xx