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Okay you guys, everyone knows that I lovveeeee me some wedding photography. That’s my thing, my forte, if you will. BUT, when my dear friends asked me to shoot a lil’ ol’ family sesh of them and their ADORABLE new addition, I couldn’t say no. And I am just soooooo in love with every single photo. But first, a couple of things I learnt about newborns….

  1. They don’t like to be cold, and my hands are ALWAYS cold. I’ve never felt like more of a terrible person, than when I tried to adjust little baby Juliette, and she would LITERALLY shiver (adorable shiver mind you) because my hands were so cold. Eeep.
  2. They run the show. Unlike my “regular” clients, if baby is hungry, they get to eat; if baby is grumpy, they’ll let you know. If baby is sad, again, they’ll let you know. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I for sure know that you need to allocate way more time if you decide to get these types of photos done
  3. They make my heart swell like there is no tomorrow. Seriously, I got so distracted by just how adorable she was. I wanted to cuddle every chance I got. This is why, I think I’ll be sticking to my regular wedding clientele for now – haha!

But all that aside, just look at how well this family coordinated their looks, such a nice soft, cool vibe going here, I am so in love with it.